Rita Baga

Rita Baga is a shining star of both stage and screen! She revealed her stunning range of talents when she made it to the finals of the Canada’s Drag Race competition in 2020 and Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World in 2023. Rita also won over Québec audiences during her unforgettable appearance on Big Brother Célébrités, after which she appeared on numerous television shows across many networks. She has been producing grandiose shows and performing in front of crowds of up to 23,000 people on several occasions, including last summer at the Olympic Stadium during the Montréal Pride festival. After hosting the show La Drag en moi on Crave, her popularity has grown to the point where she is now in demand in Europe, where she hosts the first edition of Drag Race Belgique on RTBF, a franchise of the international phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is also on tour throughout Québec with her first one-drag-show Créature, the first production of its kind in Québec, for which she won an Olivier award. Some 100 performances are planned and 45,000 tickets have been sold so far.

Sasha Baga

Sasha Baga is known not only for her active involvement in LGBTQ2S+ communities, but also for her incredible performances! Originally from Amos in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, she was quickly drawn to the world of art and culture. As the first drag daughter of the famous Rita Baga, Sasha made her mark by staying true to herself and celebrating body diversity in performances that always make a powerful impression. She is also the very first trans woman to host a television series in Québec, La Drag en moi on Crave and Canal Vie. On stage, her energy, fresh look and flamboyance make her one of the most prominent drag artists in the province.

Drag Couenne

There are Drag Kings, Drag Queens, Drag Clowns, but only one Drag Couenne! The winner of the first season of Drag Race Belgique and based in Brussels, Drag Couenne represents a conceptual, fashion-forward, funny and engaged form of drag. Trained as an actress, her performances aim to create a unique new world and to draw the audience into an iconic dream. Influenced by the moon and a melancholic energy, Drag Couenne plunges us into her visions, which she channels through drag. With irony and humour, she tells us life stories in a transposition of aesthetic and phantasmagorical elements.

Athena Sorgelikis

Athena Sorgelikis is a Belgian artist, straight from Mount Olympus! A finalist in the first season of Drag Race Belgique, she uses humour to play with societal norms, allowing mere mortals to escape into her world. The love child of Zeus and Cindy Crawford, she creates an aesthetic link between woman and creature. Her universe is inspired by pop culture, fashion, science fiction and mythology. This goddess, both gentle and fierce, will offer you an experience of mystery and intimacy as the night falls.

Petula Claque

Pétula Claque is a dynamic and elegant artist who really cares about the community. You saw her co-hosting La Drague en moi on Canal Vie and Crave. Performing in Montreal since 2016, she never misses an opportunity to give back and advance the causes of sexual and gender identity. Pétula will captivate you with her grandiose charisma and her obscure jokes!

Yannick Brouillette

Work in the arts industry and promote diversity

Yannick is a seasoned manager with 15 years of experience. He holds a degree in public relations and business administration, and has worked for 10 years in the philanthropic sector. He has successfully deployed fundraising campaigns that have raised nearly $18 million through major events, direct marketing, corporate partnerships and merchandising. He has used his exceptional communication skills to lead several public affairs and positioning campaigns. One of these persuaded the Québec government to launch a national newborn screening program for cystic fibrosis, changing the lives of hundreds of Québec families. More recently, Yannick Brouillette was the director of the Société de développement commercial du Village (the commercial development association for The Village), whose mission is to ensure the economic vitality of the world’s largest 2SLGBTQ+ Village. Yannick Brouillette’s entrepreneurial spirit called him in to leave this position September 2021 to devote himself full-time to the success of his entertainment management company, Gestion BGB. This giant leap in his career is allowing him to fulfill his dream of working in the arts industry and of promoting diversity.

Jean-François Guevremont

Strive for excellence and seeks to shine the spotlight on his colleagues

Jean-François holds a master’s degree in management from ESG and worked as a human resources director for a large Canadian company with over 300 employees for five years before branching out to work with Montréal Pride for seven editions of the festival. His ambition and professionalism allowed him to climb the ladder and become the exclusive program director of the festival, overseeing the successful delivery of over 200 events in 11 days, for five editions. He served two terms as the representative for Eastern Canada on the board of directors of Fierté Canada Pride, while also regularly donning the make-up and high heels of Rita Baga. His extensive experience and proven expertise in show production and artistic direction ensure a high level of quality for all BGB projects. A positive and inspiring leader, Jean-François constantly strives for excellence and seeks to shine the spotlight on his colleagues.

Anne-Marie Martin

Positive attitude and strong organizational skills

After completing her studies in tourism and administration, Anne-Marie worked for five years in the events industry and then as a representative for VIA Rail Canada for 20 years. She also held administrative positions and worked as a reception agent for Tourisme Montréal and Destination North America. During the summer, she can also be found in the streets of Old Montréal using her talents as a top-notch tour guide! More recently, she held the position of project coordinator for Montréal Pride, with a focus on programming, where she was responsible for logistics and for managing contracts for invited artists. At BGB, she coordinates productions and handles artist relations. Her positive attitude and strong organizational and project management skills make her a key factor in the success of the team.

Sébastien Fortin

Sébastien Fortin has a degree in accounting and event and leisure management. His sense of organization and attention to detail, combined with his good humor and his passion for drag art, make him an essential resource in the implementation of major event projects.

Events that sparkle

Show production Booking of drag and variety artists Representation of drag artists Programming and support


Artistic direction, concept & booking DRAG SUPERSTARS - Montréal Pride festival
Delegated production DRAG NIGHT - Fierté Val-d'Or festival
Executive production NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION on December 31 at Étoile de Brossard
Executive production RITA BAGA's Créature tour


Ideation ∙ Artistic Direction ∙ Concept for skits and musical numbers ∙ Negotiation ∙ Booking ∙ Logistics ∙ Technical coordination ∙ Stage management ∙ Promotional support ∙ Administration of the production ∙ Press relations ∙ Stage and lighting design ∙ Stage direction ∙ Choregraphy ∙ Digital marketing ∙ Ideation ∙ Artistic Direction ∙ Concept for skits and musical numbers ∙ Negotiation ∙ Booking ∙ Logistics ∙ Technical coordination ∙ Stage management ∙ Promotional support ∙ Administration of the production ∙ Press relations ∙ Stage and lighting design ∙ Stage direction ∙ Choregraphy ∙ Digital marketing ∙

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    Rita Baga
    A shining star of both stage and screen!
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    Sasha Baga
    One of the most prominent drag artists in the province.
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    Drag Couenne
    Her performance draw the audience into an iconic dream.
  • Book
    Athena Sorgelikis
    A gentle and fierce goddess
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    Petula Claque
    A dynamic and elegant artist

Whatever the occasion, BGB will select the perfect drag artist to add that special sparkle to your event. Our team has years of experience in event programming and booking, as well as a network of contacts that would be the envy of entertainment insiders! We can easily connect with local drag artists or artists from around the world to meet your specific needs and expectations at a competitive price. We give you access to a diverse range of local and international drag superstars, including participants in the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchises. Actively involved in the current cultural and media scenes, we work closely with a variety of agents, representatives and producers from many artistic backgrounds.



  • Yannick Brouillette
    Partner, Manager & Producer
  • Jean-François Guevremont
    Partner, Artistic Director
  • Anne-Marie Martin
  • Sébastien Fortin
    Production Coordinator



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